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No matter the cause or extent of your debt, relief options are available to you. At The Law Office of Larry P. Karandreas, we provide attentive and thorough legal guidance to clients struggling with overwhelming debt. I have nearly 30 years of legal experience that I regularly leverage to obtain fresh financial futures for individuals and small businesses throughout Arizona.

If you cannot keep up with your bills or are at risk of losing your car or home, I encourage you to reach out to my firm. I will meet with you one-on-one and will review every detail of your situation. I can determine whether bankruptcy can help you get the clean slate you need and guide you through each step of the process. Even if bankruptcy is not right for you, I will work to develop a plan for addressing and eliminating your debt.

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  • Exercising Debtors’ Rights. The Law Office of Larry P. Karandreas is a champion of debtors’ rights and is committed to empowering our clients. I can help you understand and enforce your rights under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act when facing unending creditor harassment. I can also review your rights when dealing with collection lawsuits, wage garnishments, electronic fund transfers, judgment proofs, and any type of bankruptcy.
  • Student Loan Relief. Student loans can sometimes be discharged through bankruptcy if you can demonstrate “undue hardship.” This can be a challenging standard to clear, but fortunately, I can also assist you with other forms of student loan debt relief. Filing for Chapter 13 bankruptcy can allow you to discharge other types of debt while giving you protection while your case is ongoing. If you have a permanent disability, I can assist you with applying for a waiver, which can reduce or eliminate student loans. If you have federal student loans, I can negotiate and potentially implement an Income-Driven Repayment plan that adjusts your monthly obligation and can result in the eventual discharging of your debt.
  • Avoiding ForeclosureYou may be at risk of losing your home to foreclosure if you fall multiple months behind in your mortgage payments. Filing for any type of bankruptcy can temporarily stop an imminent or ongoing foreclosure process, but you will need to act carefully and strategically if you wish to keep your home once your bankruptcy case has concluded. I can assist you with protecting your home and removing liens through Chapter 13 bankruptcy.
Legal Awards
  • State Bar of Arizona
  • Seal of the Supreme Court of the United States
  • Arizona Consumer Bankruptcy Counsel
  • Seal of the Supreme Court of Arizona
  • Avvo Clients' Choice 2016 Chapter 13
  • Stopping Wage Garnishments. If creditors believe you are unable or unwilling to pay a debt, they may seek a judgment against you in a collection lawsuit. If successful, they will be able to force your employer to withhold a portion of your paycheck as part of their collection efforts. Filing for bankruptcy typically entitles you to the automatic stay, which halts all collection efforts – including ongoing wage garnishments. Depending on the nature of the underlying debt, you may be able to discharge the debt entirely as part of the process, rendering the garnishment moot. If you cannot discharge the underlying debt, I can help you create a plan to redirect financial resources and resolve the garnishment as efficiently as possible.
  • Preventing and Reversing Repossession. Any piece of property that is financed (instead of purchased outright) can be subject to repossession until you complete the final payment. If your vehicle or another piece of property is in danger of repossession, filing for bankruptcy can temporarily halt the process. If your vehicle was recently repossessed, filing can also help you recover the vehicle before it is sold. I can assist you with managing potential repossessions and help you explore numerous strategies for protecting your vehicle.
  • Debt Negotiation. If bankruptcy does not make sense for your situation, I can also assist with other forms of debt relief, including direct negotiation with your creditors. I am a trained negotiator and can work to develop a compromise that will reduce your overall obligations. This can be an effective strategy if you have relatively few creditors and have the resources to pay a lump sum settlement.

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We were very fortunate to have found Mr. Larry Karandreas

What Makes Larry Karandreas Different?

  • A Bankruptcy Lawyer Who Cares
    With an over 90% success rate, Attorney Larry Karandreas takes your case seriously. He personally handles all client correspondence, never overbooks his schedule, and makes sure every client receives his full attention.
  • Limited Caseload to Ensure Personalized Attention
    Attorney Karandreas ensures that his caseload is not overloaded in order to provide top-quality care and attention to each of his clients.
  • Little to No Money Down on Bankruptcy Filings
    We offer as low as $0 down on Ch. 13 filings and as low as $700 on Ch. 7 filings for qualifying cases.

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