Foreclosure Law – Do Not Be On the Wrong Side

Adult life is accompanied by several problems that can easily overwhelm many of us. Debts, responsibilities, time management that cost us relationships with friends and family–these are among the most common predicaments we encounter today (not to mention teenage angst, braces, sports related expenses for your children).

Another big problem that many of us could be dealing with is foreclosure. You are reading this blog, so chances are, you are precisely in this financial situation, and you do not know what to do.

Three Things That Could Worsen Foreclosure

  1. Ignoring the Problem

It is easy to not think about our issues when it seems like they are out of our hands. This is the wrong mindset to have when facing foreclosure. However, worrying alone is not the solution either. What you should do is spend time knowing about your options, which you can do with the advice of an expert.

  1. Not Knowing Your Rights

For many people facing foreclosure, it is easy to succumb to pressure from loan sharks or debt collectors. But every person, including individuals facing foreclosure, has rights.

One example of your rights is that aside from a notice stating that you are behind with your mortgage payments, the other party is also required to allow you a certain period to settle it.

  1. Not Hiring A Foreclosures Attorney Right Away

There are a lot of procedural mistakes in foreclosure that, if proven, can turn the case around in your favor. For instance, it might be possible that the foreclosing party cannot even provide evidence that it owns your loan.

It is tough to do go through foreclosure when you are alone. You need a lawyer, who is an expert in the specific foreclosure procedures in your state. They will show you the best course of action.

If you have any questions for a foreclosures attorney in Phoenix AZ, contact the Law Office of Larry P. Karandreas, PLLC.

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